evolution for Hospitality

evolution for Hospitality. A new level of engagement and communication.

evolution adds a unique functionality to serve the venue, the customer and the advertiser in an interactive, integrated environment. Display text, images and video to targeted audiences, at specified times and under changing circumstances such as variations in demographic patterns or the weather.

Targeted Communication for Customers and Staff

Your patrons can view a range of promotional messages, offers and information at the table, while you capture valuable customer data and real-time, actionable and private guest feedback.

The core of evolution’s strength as a promotional channel is its ability to reach selected markets within geographical locations – an immediate and obvious benefit for marketers. The evolution media channel also allows big advertisers to work directly with local retailers in targeted cross-promotions.

Why should venues choose evolution?

  • Drive repeat business and boost revenues through specials and promotions.
  • Provide product information and promote new lines.
  • Use video, a QR code or web links to deliver content.
  • Offer specials that can be redeemed within your venue or via a local retail advertising partner.
  • Entertain guests with items of interest while they wait for their meals.
  • Increase guest enjoyment and enhance the overall experience
  • Integrates with current marketing and POS systems.


John and Sara Smith visit their local club bistro for a casual mid-week dinner. They choose a favourite table in the dining area and are welcomed by a waiter who hands them the evolution media unit, a handheld, touchscreen device which allows direct contact between the Smiths and their server. The evolution unit also displays the specials of the day, including the offer of a discounted bottle of the venue’s “featured wine” which John orders with the press of a button. The wine is brought to the table for the Smiths to enjoy as they settle in and decide what to eat.

John and Sara are enjoying the wine, and are pleased to see that by subscribing to the evolution loyalty program (by simply entering their name, postcode and email address ), they also receive a purchase code that will allow them to buy this wine from a local store at a discounted price. The purchase code can be automatically forwarded to their mobile phones for presentation to the local retailer at the time of purchase.

As evolution loyalty members, John and Sara can now participate in offers and specials at any venue that uses the evolution system. With each transaction, or if they refer friends, they earn loyalty points that can accumulate or be “cashed in” at any one of the evolution hospitality or retail partners. They can also elect to receive periodical notifications of offers and specials in their area.

John and Sara can also access their Loyalty Membership program via the evolution web portal, where they will have access to offers from participating restaurants, bars, stores and services across the country. When they meet with friends for lunch the following weekend, they can suggest one of the many evolution venues and take advantage of their loyalty points to receive a discount on their meal or beverages.

The Northern Valley Tavern & Bistro is a popular meeting spot in a growing area. With growth, however, comes competition and owner, Brad Jones, is always looking for more effective ways to satisfy his customers while keeping costs at bay.

Brad, however, is finding the deluge of new marketing technology a little intimidating.

He has introduced digital point-of-sale signage to promote specials and new products. He also uses a paging system to contact customers when seats are available in the restaurant, or when their meals are ready for collection.

Both of these tactics have been quite successful and customers have responded well to new initiatives, however a big challenge is the tendency for customers to spend much of their time on their mobile phones, which detracts from their attention while in the venue.

Brad hears about a new portable media device, evolution, that can positively impact his business in three key areas: management and service efficiencies; customer and staff communication; and marketing. He decides to trial the evolution and test the response.

The first evening of the evolution trial, all dining customers are provided with a media unit when they take a seat. The evolution unit provides two-way communication between patrons and staff, allowing the customer to call the waiter when they are ready to be served, or even order special items with the touch of the screen. This immediately improves service efficiencies and decreases waiting times.

In the bar area, where patrons order and collect both drinks and meals, Brad is able to upgrade, rather than replace, his current paging system with the evolution unit which can be used to call patrons, as well as staff.

Another key feature that will keep Brad’s suppliers happy is the ability to use evolution to display specials, promotions and even informational product videos to customers at the table.

Sarah Davies is the Asia-Pacific marketing manager for a global beverage company. In a fast-changing, digitally-driven world, Sarah knows that consumers crave and expect more customised and personalised products, services and experiences. Marketers now link “engagement” to how well their brands are perceived and real-time brand expectations are spreading to product availability, delivery, and customer service.

Despite the fact that local marketing is essential to her success, like most brand marketers, she has tended to rely on the same channels at the local level as she does at the national level: corporate websites, email, and the corporate social media feed. It can take 30+ days to distribute local marketing materials following a national launch, and she does not have the resources to tackle both global/national and local campaigns.

Enter evolution, a new media channel that excels in extending and customising national brand messaging at a local level. With its unmatched geographic and demographic focus, evolution delivers a more targeted strategy coupled with a comprehensive local marketing automation solution that can be managed remotely, and in real time.

Sarah now has the ability to reach highly targeted audiences with customised digital content – advertising, stories, specials, promotions and product information – using text, video, QR codes or web links. She can even create cross-promotions with local retailers to add further value to both customers and distributors, as well as increase sales.

evolution will also allow Sarah to establish a formalised measurement process for her local marketing, something that has been, at best, extremely difficult in the past.


Tailored Content at a Touch

Educate, inform and entertain patrons with fully customisable content, a range of formats and touch-screen control. Schedule when and how content will appear and for which audience.

High Performance Digital Advertising

Capture high-quality users with a range of targeted advertising options including video. Advertisers can provide specials & promotions via the portal at scheduled time/dates – optimising market penetration.

Improve staff communication and efficiency

More than just an alert device, evolution’s multi-featured hand-held displays messages on the LCD/touch screen and allows customers to call the server to the table or ask for the bill with the push of a button.

Customer Feedback & Recommendations

Build your customer list based on specific ‘feed-back data’ from your customers in real-time. Let your customers tell you what, where and when they want products, content and promotions.

Remote Ad Inventory Management

Remote ad inventory management allows you to manage your promotions from any location.

Extend Your Services

Promote other services within the facility or in the local area. News, updates, products and promotions are always up-to-date when new material is downloaded via the portals dashboard.

Integrates with current marketing systems

Extend the value of your existing systems with a new generation of lead capture, customer referral and Web 2.0 functionality.

Customer Research & List Creation

Dynamically create customer lists based on preference. Customers choose the content, products and promotions they prefer.

Measure everything

Obtain metrics on the audience that actually viewed content -critical for evaluating advertising and business ROI analysis – and make it possible for all of this to be done by non-technical, non-IT personnel.


  • Customer-friendly push button paging
  • Compact, convenient units
  • Simple self-installation and easy to use
  • Completely wireless
  • Quiet and confidential
  • Customisable text and video messaging
  • Anti-Theft feature
  • PC Paging Integration
  • Anti-Microbial eliminates cross-contamination
  • ‘Fixed point’ location tracking
  • Smart Charging
  • Use a QR code or a web link to deliver content

evolution is an onsite digital media system that connects distributor, advertiser, customer
and retailer through a unique communication channel.