evolution for Healthcare

A new level of patient engagement and communication.

evolution is an onsite digital media system that connects the healthcare provider and patient through a unique communication channel. evolution facilitates quiet, reliable and confidential two-way communication between staff, patients and families. Educate, inform and entertain with fully customisable content and touch-screen control. Improve efficiencies with compliant direct messaging between staff members.

Reliable, Confidential Communication for Patients and Staff

evolution’s compact, hand-held unit delivers instant, personalised messages. Patients can relax while waiting for admissions, procedures or consultations; family members have the freedom to roam, knowing they can be reached instantly; and key staff members can be reached quickly, improving response times.

Customised Digital Content at a Touch

evolution is designed to improve the patient experience at a personal level. It is the perfect platform for providing customised health education and information to the individual at a time when it is the most relevant and engaging.

Why should healthcare facilities use evolution?

  • Assist with patient understanding and information delivery
  • Manage patient waiting times and expectations
  • Increase patient satisfaction and communication
  • Manage physician productivity
  • Facilitate efficient scheduling and staff management


Jim doesn’t visit his doctor on a regular basis, however he hasn’t been feeling well for a while and his wife has insisted that he make an appointment. One of the reasons Jim puts off visiting the G.P. is lack of time: he runs a busy business and finds he can sit around for 20 minutes or longer beyond his scheduled time. Jim can also find it difficult to articulate his health issues during the appointment and often leaves the practice wishing he had remembered to mention certain details.

This visit is different. When Jim arrives on time for his appointment the receptionist hands him an evolution media unit. He can use this device, she says, to review some simple questions that will help him articulate his health issues before his sees the doctor. There is also a range of articles on mens’ health issues that may interest him and that may prompt some helpful questions.

Jim has to admit that this is the only time he has really focused on his health problem and that the waiting time is, at least, well spent. The evolution touchscreen also makes it easy for him to update his patient data for inclusion in his electronic health record and he has even emailed himself an article to remind himself that he is due for a prostrate check on his next visit.

When patients arrive for an appointment at the Cooktown Family Medical Centre, they frequently have to wait. Sometimes, for a long time. Delays can happen for a number of reasons: at times patients can be scheduled inappropriately, they can be tardy or have to complete paperwork before their consultation.

Sometimes patients can make physicians run late because they bring a long list of complaints for a 10-minute time slot, some of which the physician is not prepared to deal with on the spot.

Dr Helen Albrecht is the owner of the practice, and has recognised that patients will leave a practice if they feel that their time has been disrespected. To help address these issues, she has recently introduced the evolution media unit to the practice. The evolution unit allows patient to use waiting time to prepare for the consultation. For example, a patient can use the touch screen interface to highlight and prioritise their current issues and create a list of questions to ask the doctor. The patient can also use any available time to update their online health record with the knowledge that the doctor is available to assist with unknown items.

The physicians can also use the information from evolution to spend a few minutes at the beginning of a visit setting an agenda based on their own and the patient’s priorities. Patients can, if needed, be advised to make another appointment for less-pressing concerns that cannot be handled in the time set for the visit. These simple steps help the doctor maintain control of the consultation.

If a patient has to wait a significant amount of time, which sometimes is unavoidable, negative feelings can be mitigated by using the evolution unit to provide personalised, educational information, videos and tools promoting preventive health measures. They can even email themselves, family or friends articles and other items of interest directly from evolution for further reference.

Bill and Susan Taylor are anxiously waiting for their daughter Beth, who is having her second operation in as many months. Beth’s procedure is not uncommon, however the trauma of doctor and hospital visits is draining and a little frightening for both the young patient and her family. Both parents want to be present when Beth is taken to recovery and although the procedure is lengthy, neither want to leave the hospital.

Normally, either Bill or Susan would stay in the ward in case of news while the other takes quick trips for coffee, a sandwich or to simply stretch their legs. The wait is long and tiring, creating an added layer of stress and anticipation.

This time, however, the Taylor’s have been provided with a hand-held media unit, the evolution, which allows them to leave the ward knowing that they can be contacted with a text message at any time.

The Taylors head down to the cafeteria where they are pleasantly surprised to find that they can receive a 20% discount by scanning a voucher from the evolution unit. This simple recognition of their situation is greatly appreciated, as is the video which explains their daughter’s procedure and aftercare. This video is just one example of the customised content that the Taylors can access via evolution. They can even email the information to themselves for later reference.


Tailored Content at a Touch

Educate, inform and engage patients and visitors with fully customisable content, a range of formats and touch-screen control. Schedule when and how content will appear and for which audience.

Reliable, Confidential Communication.

Communicate with staff, patients and families within the facility. Quickly and silently send updates about procedures, ask family members to report to a department, or tell a patient that a prescription is ready.

Improve Staff Communication

Ensures that key staff members are reached quickly, and with just the right message, to improve response times. Staff communication stays private and discrete, and enhanced communication and coordination means better overall care for patients.

Increase Waiting Room Efficiency

Reduce waiting-room congestion by improving throughput efficiency. Contact patients and visitors instantly, virtually anywhere within the facility. Staff interruptions are also reduced because patients and visitors are able to stay informed without inquiring at the information desk.

A Better Patient Experience

Improve service and care to patients and their families. Reduce waiting room congestion and give patients and visitors the freedom to leave the waiting room and visit the cafeteria, gift shop and other public areas of your facility, knowing that they can be instantly contacted by healthcare staff.

Extend Your Services

Promote other services within the facility or in the local area. News, updates, products and promotions are always up-to-date when new material is downloaded via the portals dashboard.


  • Customer-friendly push button paging
  • Compact, convenient units
  • Simple self-installation and easy to use
  • Completely wireless
  • Quiet and confidential
  • Customisable text and video messaging
  • Anti-Theft feature
  • PC Paging Integration
  • Anti-Microbial eliminates cross-contamination
  • ‘Fixed point’ location tracking
  • Smart Charging
  • Use a QR code or a web link to deliver content