evolution for Brands

evolution for Brands. A new level of targeted customer engagement.

evolution is an onsite digital media system that connects distributor, advertiser, customer and retailer through a unique communication channel. evolution empowers companies to efficiently reach high-quality audiences via a targeted media channel. Powered by consumer insight, evolution uses advanced targeting to find the right venues for your advertising and promotion.

Targeted Communication for Customers and Staff

Businesses invest in digital signs, kiosks and other touchpoints for a simple reason: they work. Reaching people with compelling, targeted messages when they are out and about and ready to buy is smart marketing. A small store might have one or two touchpoints or possibly a dozen. A large chain of hotels or restaurants might have thousands. In either case, the goals are the same: to simplify communication and create the compelling experiences that keep customers coming back.

evolution connects these touchpoints by presenting the customer with customised content within the proximity of the the buying opportunity.

Why should marketers choose evolution?

  • Highly targeted reach. Customised digital content at a touch.
  • Proximity marketing without consumers having to download special apps.
  • High Performance digital advertising.
  • Customer research & list Creation.
  • Drive repeat business and boost revenues through specials and promotions.
  • Provide product information and promote new lines.
  • Use video, a QR code or web links to deliver content.
  • Truly local. Unmatched geographic focus.
  • Extend marketing reach and effectiveness.
  • Build customer loyalty with agile value delivery.
  • Remote management of content/campaigns and ad inventory.
  • Measure and report on everything.


Sue Thompson dislikes change. She is a loyal partner, a loyal employee, a loyal friend and a loyal shopper. These days – at least when it comes to shopping – she is bombarded by enticements to stray. Every day she is approached by a new brand in a new way: email, online advertising, social media and mobile phone. In fact, if she shows the slightest interest in a new product online, it seems to follow her! Every time she opens a new web page, there are those same ads again to tempt her.

Shoppers like Sue now expect to be pursued. They want you to know their preferences and they expect you to know where to find them. So it is a welcome surprise when Sue notices a promotion by her favourite winery on the evolution unit while lunching at a nearby bistro. Sue was a regular purchaser of their wines before she discovered online shopping and the convenience of an online transaction tempted her to try alternatives.

The winery has just opened a new online store of its own. With the press of a button on the evolution unit, Sue can try a complementary glass of their new Shiraz and send a token to her mobile phone for a discount on her next purchase.

The loyal customer in Sue is delighted.

Tom Ford is the Chief Marketing Office for a major FMCG responsible for some of the world’s most famous food brands. Having been in the industry for more than 20 years, Tom knows that brands matter more than ever in today’s complex, cluttered world of constant distractions. Strong brands simplify choices for consumers who are overwhelmed with too much information and help marketers build a sustainable relationship that transcends features and benefits.

In today’s post-digital era, most customer interactions with brands come from sources outside a brand manager’s control – such as user-generated content, ratings and reviews, and social chatter. As the chief CMO, Tom knows that he must reassess how his company’s customers are exposed to and experience their brand. He is also challenged with finding the most relevant solutions – techniques that are targeted, effective and measurable.

Mobile phone marketing is one option, however a major concern is their negatively disruptive nature and the need for users to download special applications. Adding to the problem is that nearly half of his company’s market does not yet own a mobile phone.

Tom is introduced to evolution, a hand-held device that can convey custom messages and advertising within controlled venues such as restaurants and clubs, retail stores and health facilities. evolution is mobile, yet not a phone. It provides interactive communication yet does not require any downloads. It can carry rich advertising in standard formats that can be managed remotely.

evolution is an easy choice for Tom and the major brands he is responsible for. It fits easily into the marketing mix and integrates seamlessly with his other communication channels. The deciding factor is the targeted, measurable local reach that he can achieve, something that has been a decided challenge in the past.


Tailored Content at a Touch

Educate, inform and entertain patrons with fully customisable content, a range of formats and touch-screen control. Schedule when and how content will appear and for which audience. Use video, a QR code or web links to deliver content.

High Performance Digital Advertising

Capture high-quality users with a range of targeted advertising options including video. Advertisers can provide specials & promotions via the portal at scheduled time/dates – optimising market penetration.

Improve staff communication and efficiency

More than just an alert device, evolution’s multi-featured hand-held displays messages on the LCD/touch screen and allows customers to call sales staff for assistance with the push of a button.

Customer Feedback & Recommendations

Build your customer list based on specific ‘feed-back data’ from your customers in real-time. Let your customers tell you what, where and when they want products, content and promotions.

Remote Ad Inventory Management

Remote ad inventory management allows you to manage your promotions from any location.

Extend Your Services

Promote other services within the facility or in the local area. News, updates, products and promotions are always up-to-date when new material is downloaded via the portals dashboard.

Integrates with current marketing systems

Extend the value of your existing systems with a new generation of lead capture, customer referral and Web 2.0 functionality.

Customer Research & List Creation

Dynamically create customer lists based on preference. Customers choose the content, products and promotions they prefer.

Measure everything

Obtain metrics on the audience that actually viewed content -critical for evaluating advertising and business ROI analysis – and make it possible for all of this to be done by non-technical, non-IT personnel.


  • Customer-friendly push button paging
  • Compact, convenient units
  • Simple self-installation and easy to use
  • Completely wireless
  • Quiet and confidential
  • Customisable text and video messaging
  • Anti-Theft feature
  • PC Paging Integration
  • Anti-Microbial eliminates cross-contamination
  • ‘Fixed point’ location tracking
  • Smart Charging
  • Use a QR code or a web link to deliver content